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Friday, November 16, 2012

Event MFest-1 ( Malaysia )

Please treat the best video. best bro ..

MFest-1 - Themed My Life

All participants Want to have ... But only the Best worth having.

Congratulations on Vixxx Custom and participants involved in MFest-1 .

Second video: MFest-1
( For Entire Video-1 event Mfest wait .. bro. In Progress )

The atmosphere of the participants at the BHP Karak Haiway.




Slide Photos Registration

MFest-1 2012 Trailer Video...

7.00 - 7.45 Am
Registration and Briefing ( BHP After Toll Gate ).

8.00-9.00 Am
Caravan Gombak - Awana Genting
Among Longest Convoy BMW. Congratulations to the Marshall who runs this konvoy.

Longest convoy BMW Cars in Malaysia's history ..
Awesome..guys..Bravo MFest-1
"King of Karak Highway"

They were happy together, laugh together even 
different types of cars. Best attitude you all guys ..

Slide Photo MFest -1

What was so much satisfaction when we convoy together.

9.00-9.20 Am
Point A - Awana Genting Cable Car Area - Light Breakfast
Re-Group and Briefing - Team Jack ( Proceed to Points B )- Team Jill ( Stay )

10.00-1200 Am
MFest Event's Veneu Area
"Free & Easy - Car Boot Sale, Photo Taking, Lepaking "
Team Jack-Parking Cun-Cun..
Games/Activities: Bull's Eye, Fire in The Hole, 
Mr BMW, Lowered Ride
Ugly Ride, Best Looking Ride Suprise Game!!! Lucky Draw..

Team Jill
End Competition- Regroup and Joint Event's activities
Lunch & Prize Giving.. 

Slide Photo MFest-1 ( Parking Area )

Thank you all who attended ...
We meet again next year .. Salute Bimmerz

Slide Photo MFest -1 ( All in 1 )


Media Video ( Clips ) : Mr Zul Black Cat & Mr Syed Jamil

Thank you all to the Committee, Marshal and the media. 
Cooperation of us have been successful MFest-1 .. 
Bravo Guys...

The club also participated in MFest-1 this time is as follows: -
1. BMW Club Malaysia
2. E46 Bimmerz Club Malaysia
3. Bimmerianz Club
4. Bimmer4 Fun Club
5. North Bimmerz Club

Part during the Event MFest Video-1
Full Video for MFEST Event-1 in the process.

Salute Bimmerz Malaysia...

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